"John L. Bohn" was an United States/American politician who served as mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from 1942 to 1948.

Born in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, Bohn was in the hotel and restaurant business in Michigan and Wisconsin. He served on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors in 1898-1902. In 1916, Bohn was elected to the Milwaukee Common Council. John Bohn was president of Milwaukee's Common Council when Mayor Carl Zeidler resigned in 1942 to serve in the U.S. Navy and was lost at sea later in 1942 while serving in World War II; Bohn became acting mayor after Zeidler's resignation. In 1944 Bohn was elected to a full mayoral term. In 1948, he was succeeded by Frank Zeidler, Carl Zeidler's brother. Bohn died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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