"James Anthony "Jim" Richardson" is an English people/English jazz bassist and session musician.

An original member of pioneering British jazz-rock band, if (band)/If (1969–1973), he went on to undertake session and studio work. Around 1975–76 he was also a member of Pip Pyle's The Weightwatchers, with Elton Dean and Keith Tippett and leading his own group, Jim Richardson's Pogo Revisited which also featured Alan Barnes (musician)/Alan Barnes. In the late 1970s, his quartet featured Bobby Wellins. Among many other recordings, in 1981 he appeared on the Hoagy Carmichael tribute album, In Hoagland.

In the mid-1980s he re-united with former if band member Dick Morrissey in the jazz-funk band Morrissey–Mullen, before returning to a more straight-ahead jazz approach. Some of the jazz musicians Richardson worked with were Dexter Gordon and Chet Baker.

As of 2008, he has been a member of the Jack Honeyborne Quintet, together with other leading figures of the UK jazz scene Derek Wadsworth, Vic Ash and Tony Kinsey.

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