"Jim Frazier" is an Australian inventor, naturalist and cinematographer who invented the Frazier lens. He has won many Australian and international awards for his work, including an Academy Award for Technical Achievement and an Emmy Award. He is well known for filming documentaries for David Attenborough together with his long-time collaborator Australian naturalist, photographer and writer Densey Clyne.

Clyne and Frazier formed a partnership known as Mantis Wildlife Films and their work including Webs of Intrigue, has won numerous international awards. David Attenborough asked the pair to work on his series Life on Earth and The Living Planet. Frazier and Clyne contributed 55 minutes of footage to Life on Earth.

Frazier's career as a wildlife cinematographer has been spread over more than 40 years, with an Emmy, 3 Golden Tripods, a US Industrial Film & Video Gold Camera Award, an Honorary Doctorate and over 40 national and international awards for his work that include the acclaimed Cane Toads: An Unnatural History.

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