Jim Fowler
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"Jim Fowler" is a professional zoologist and was host of the Emmy Award-winning television show Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

Fowler first served as the co-host of Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins, and then became the main host in 1986. While Fowler was serving as host of Wild Kingdom, he received four separate Emmy awards and an endorsement by the Parent-Teacher Association/National PTA for family viewing.

Fowler was the official wildlife correspondent for NBC's Today (NBC program)/The Today Show since 1988 and also regularly seen on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, making forty appearances in total as he brought various wildlife animals on the show.

In 1997, Fowler joined Discovery Channel/Discovery Communication's Animal Planet as a wildlife expert and later launched the television program Jim Fowler's Life in the Wild in 2000.

Fowler also made an appearance on "The Merv Griffin Show (Seinfeld episode)/The Merv Griffin Show" episode of Seinfeld, where he was a "guest" on Cosmo Kramer/Kramer's "talk show", asking "Where are the cameras?"

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