Jeremy Davenport
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"Jeremy Davenport" is an United States/American jazz trumpeter and singer based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

For nearly a decade, Davenport has been a vital part of the New Orleans music scene. With original lyrics and music, Jeremy infuses his unique style and mood of storytelling creating not only a modern edge, but also the distinct feeling of a lifestyle reminiscent of a time when Jazz was at its peak of popularity. He is known for his vocal and trumpet playing skills, as well as being a born entertainer. Davenport’s showing has tempted such performers as Sting (musician)/Sting, Paul McCartney, Harry Connick, Jr. and Diana Krall.

Jeremy Davenport was born in St. Louis, Missouri into a family of musicians. His mother has been a music educator for nearly 50 years and his father recently retired, after 40 years, from the St. Louis Symphony. From a young age Davenport studied and played with members and guests of the St. Louis Symphony which included an early introduction to jazz great Wynton Marsalis.

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