Jennifer Saunders
FameRank: 6

"Jennifer Jane Saunders" is an English People/English comedian, screenwriter and actress. She has won three BAFTAs (including the Bafta Fellowship), an International Emmy Award, a British Comedy Award, a Rose d'Or Light Entertainment Festival Award, two Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards, and a People's Choice Award.

She first found widespread attention in the 1980s when she became a member of the Comic Strip after graduating from the Central School of Speech and Drama. With her double act/comedy partner Dawn French, she wrote and starred in their eponymous sketch show, French and Saunders, for which she and French received a BAFTA fellowship in 2009. She received worldwide acclaim through the early to mid-1990s for writing and playing the lead role of Edina Monsoon in the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous.

She has guest-starred in the American sitcoms Roseanne (TV series)/Roseanne and Friends, and won the People's Choice Awards/American People's Choice Award for voicing the wicked Fairy Godmother (Shrek)/Fairy Godmother in DreamWorks Animation/DreamWorks' animated Shrek 2.

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