Jason Bateman
FameRank: 6

"Jason Kent Bateman" is an American actor, director and producer who rose to prominence as a high-profile teen actor in the 1980s, in sitcoms such as Silver Spoons and The Hogan Family, before returning in the early 2000s in the role of Michael Bluth on Arrested Development (TV series)/Arrested Development, for which he won a TV Land Award, a Golden Globe, and two Satellite Awards. He has since established himself in Hollywood by appearing in several films, including Juno (film)/Juno (2007), Hancock (film)/Hancock (2008), Up in the Air (2009 film)/Up in the Air (2009), Horrible Bosses (2011), Identity Thief (2013), and Bad Words (film)/Bad Words (2014). He is the younger brother of actress Justine Bateman.

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