Jane Siberry
FameRank: 4


/ alias = Issa

/ birth_date =

/ birth_place = Toronto, Ontario

/ death_date =

/ origin = Guelph, Ontario, Canada

/ instrument = Singing, guitar, keyboards, computer

/ occupation = Singer-songwriter, composer, musician, record producer, poet

/ years_active = 1981–present

/ label = Sheeba Records/Sheeba, Duke Street Records/Duke Street, Open Air Records/Open Air, Windham Hill Records/Windham Hill, Street Records (Canada)/Street, East Side Digital, Reprise Records/Reprise, Rhino Records/Rhino

/ associated_acts = John Switzer, Brian Eno, K.D. Lang, Hector Zazou, Peter Gabriel, Rebecca Jenkins, Holly Cole, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Victoria Williams

/ website = [http://www.janesiberry.com/ Jane Siberry] on Sheeba Records

/ notable_instruments =


"Jane Siberry" ( , born "Jane Stewart", 12 October 1955 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, known for such hits as "Mimi on the Beach", "I Muse Aloud", "One More Colour" and "Calling All Angels". She also performed the theme-song to the television series Maniac Mansion (TV series)/Maniac Mansion.

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