Henry Spencer
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"Henry Spencer" (born 1955) is a Canada/Canadian computer programmer and space enthusiast. He wrote "regex", a widely used Library (computing)/software library for regular expressions, and co-wrote C News, a Usenet server program. He also wrote The Ten Commandments for C (programming language)/C Programmers. He is coauthor, with David Lawrence, of the book Managing Usenet. While working at the University of Toronto he ran the first active Usenet site outside the U.S., starting in 1981. His records from that period were eventually acquired by Google to provide an Usenet#Archives/archive of Usenet in the 1980s.

The first international Usenet site was run in Ottawa, in 1981; however, it is generally not remembered, as it served merely as a read-only medium. Later in 1981, Spencer acquired a Usenet feed from Duke University, and brought "utzoo" online; the earliest public archives of Usenet date from May 1981 as a result.

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