Heather King
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"Heather King" is an essayist, memoirist, and blogger. Raised on the coast of New Hampshire, she struggled with alcoholism for many years, got sober in 1987, and converted to Catholic Church/Catholicism in 1996. She has written and recorded several slice-of-life commentaries for National Public Radio's All Things Considered and is the author of numerous essays and three memoirs: Parched, Redeemed, and the forthcoming Shirt of Flame: A Year with St. Therese of Lisieux.

King is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire (1977) and Suffolk University Law School (1984).

She lives in Los Angeles and blogs at [http://www.shirtofflame.blogspot.com Shirt of Flame: Musings on Los Angeles, The Writing Life, Divine Intoxication, and the Thin Line Between Passion and Pathology] and at the Catholic portal of [http://www.patheos.com Patheos].

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