Dorothy Dix
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"Dorothy Dix", was the pseudonym of United States/U.S. journalist "Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer".

As the forerunner of today's popular advice columnists, Dorothy Dix was America's highest paid and most widely read female journalist at the time of her death. Her advice on marriage was Print syndication/syndicated in newspapers around the world. With an estimated audience of 60 million readers, she became a popular and recognized figure on her travels abroad.

Her reputed practice of framing questions herself to allow her to publish prepared answers gave rise to the Australian English/Australian term "Dorothy Dixer", an expression widely used in Australia to refer to a question from a member of Parliament of Australia/Parliament to a minister that enables the minister to make an announcement in the form of a reply. In Australian rhyming slang, a "Dorothy", or "Dorothy Dix", refers to a six (cricket)/hit for six in cricket.

File:Dorothy Dix 1898 The Selfishness of Men.jpg/right/thumb/1898 column denouncing the selfishness of men in the SS La Bourgogne/Bourgogne Disaster.

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