"David Strom" (born 1964) is Research Director at the Emmer for Governor Campaign. Until recently he was

a Senior Policy Fellow of the Minnesota Free Market Institute. He had been President of the Institute, and was succeeded by Patricia Anderson. Prior to the formation of MFMI, David served as President of the Taxpayers League of Minnesota. Both organizations are primarily funded through large donations by individuals and corporations.

Strom graduated from Carleton College (1987) in Northfield, MN, with a degree in Political Science and holds a Masters Degree in Political Science from Duke University (1992). He has taught political philosophy at Duke University, North Carolina State University, Carleton College, and the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota)/University of St. Thomas.

Strom is a Fellow at the Claremont Institute, a nearly regular, bi-weekly, contributor to the local ABC affiliate’s Sunday morning news program At Issue 3-5 minute "face-off" segment in which he spars with an opponent of an opposing political view.

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