"David" or "Dave Mason" is the name of:

*David Mason (1926–2011), British musician

*David Mason (murderer) (1956–1993), American serial killer executed 1993

*David Mason (writer) (born 1954), American writer

*Dave Mason (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 1910s for New Zealand, and Nelson

*David Mason (mason), American stone-wall mason

*David H. Mason (1818–1873), American attorney and Republican politician in Massachusetts

*David S. Mason (born 1947), professor of political science

*Dave Mason (rock musician, born 1946), British musician & former member of Traffic

*Dave Mason (American football) (born 1949), American football player

*Dave Mason (Australian musician), Australian rock singer-songwriter, member of The Reels

*List of people who have walked across Australia#David Mason/David Mason, Australian adventurer

*David Marshall Mason (1865–1945), UK politician

*David Mason, main protagonist of video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II

*David Mason (art dealer) , a London art dealer. Best known for his fight against the producers of thalidomide, a drug that caused the malformation of his daughter Louise Mason's limbs.

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