Clay Aiken
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"Clayton Holmes" ""Clay"" "Aiken" is an American singer, songwriter, television personality, actor, author, politician and activist. Aiken was the 2014 Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic nominee in the North Carolina's 2nd congressional district/North Carolina 2nd congressional district United States House of Representatives elections in North Carolina, 2014#District 2/election.

Aiken began his rise to fame placing second on the American Idol (season 2)/second season of the television program American Idol in 2003. He and the 2003 Winner Ruben Studdard were both offered recording contracts by RCA Records, and his multi-platinum debut album Measure of a Man (Clay Aiken album)/Measure of a Man was released in October 2003. He released four more albums on the RCA label: Merry Christmas with Love (2004), A Thousand Different Ways (2006), and the Christmas EP, All Is Well (Clay Aiken)/All is Well (2006). His fourth studio album (the first album of original material since 2003's Measure of a Man), On My Way Here was released on May 6, 2008.

After the release of On My Way Here, Aiken left RCA and later signed with Decca Records. His first album with Decca, Tried and True, was released June 1, 2010 and his second Steadfast, was released March 26, 2012.

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