"Claire Wolfe" is a Libertarianism/libertarian author and columnist. Some of Wolfe's favored topics are gulching or homesteading, firearms, homeschooling, open source technology, and opposition to national ID and the surveillance state or nanny state.

Wolfe's books include such titles as 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution and I Am Not a Number!. Wolfe also writes or has written for a number of magazines, notably [http://www.backwoodshome.com/wolfe_index.html Backwoods Home Magazine], [http://www.swatmag.com/archive_2005/aug05.html S.W.A.T. magazine], and [http://www.dgcmagazine.com/ DGC Magazine], which covers electronic, metal-backed currencies. A common subject in Wolfe's writing has been the fictional town of Hardyville, a rural libertarian enclave populated by stereotypical characters. When not writing, Wolfe is also an artist specializing in pastel portraits of people and animals and makes and sells jewelry and kaleidoscopes.

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