"Carlos Diaz" is the name of:

*Carlos Diaz (pitcher) (born 1958), pitcher in Major League Baseball

*Carlos Díaz (politician) (born 1970), member of the Senate of Puerto Rico

*Carlos Diaz (Belizean politician), former Minister of Energy and Communications

*Carlos Díaz (actor) (born 1970), Chilean-born Canadian film and television actor

*Carlos Enrique Díaz de León (1910–1971), provisional President of Guatemala, 1954

*Carlos Diaz (American soccer) (born 1987), professional footballer who currently plays for Ferencvarosi TC, Hungary

*Carlos Richard Díaz (born 1979), Uruguayan international footballer who played for Defensor Sporting

*Carlos Diaz (catcher) (born 1964), played for Toronto Blue Jays

*Carlos Diaz (Emmerdale), fictional character in British TV soap opera Emmerdale

*Carlos Diaz (theater director) (born 1957), Cuban theater director

*Carlos Díaz "Caíto" (1945–2004), Argentinian singer-songwriter and guitarist

*Carlos Alberto Díaz (born 1982), Colombian football defender who currently plays for Atlético Huila

*Carlos Gaviria Díaz (born 1937), Colombian lawyer, professor and politician

*Carlos Jiménez Díaz (1898–1967), Spanish physician and clinical researcher

*Carlos Rodriguez Diaz

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