Byron Dorgan
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"Byron Leslie Dorgan" is a former United States Senate/United States Senator from North Dakota and is now a senior policy advisor for a Washington, DC law firm. He is a member of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, the North Dakota affiliate of the Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic Party. In the Senate, he was Chairman of the Democratic Policy Committee Chairman of the United States Senate/Democratic Policy Committee and Chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Indian Affairs/Committee on Indian Affairs. Dorgan announced on January 5, 2010 that he would not seek re-election in the United States Senate election in North Dakota, 2010/2010 North Dakota senate election, and he was succeeded by North Dakota Governor John Hoeven. Dorgan is now co-chair of Government Relations Practice for the Washington, DC law firm Arent Fox. He also serves as a Senior Fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center, where he focuses on issues related to energy policy. Dorgan is also a co-chair of BPC's Energy Project.

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