Bryan Appleyard
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"Bryan Appleyard" is a British journalist and author.

Appleyard was educated at Bolton School and King's College, Cambridge/King's College, Cambridge where he read English. He worked at The Times and then became a freelancer/freelance journalist. He has also written for the New York Times, Vanity Fair (magazine)/Vanity Fair, Daily Telegraph, The Spectator/Spectator, New Statesman, and other publications.

In 1992 he published Understanding the Present which evoked polarizing responses. The book explores his views about "science's corrosive effect on morality",. One opposing view is that his views are based on a "tangle of misunderstandings" about the concept of science.

His novel The First Church of the New Millennium incorporates many of the themes common in his newspaper columns, "architecture, popular science and the machine age".

He has been three times Feature Writer of the Year and is currently Interviewer of the Year in the British Press Awards and a former fellow of the World Economic Forum.

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