Brittany Murphy
FameRank: 6

"Brittany Murphy-Monjack", known professionally as "Brittany Murphy", was an American film and stage actress, singer, and voice artist. Murphy, a native of Atlanta, moved to Los Angeles as a teenager, and pursued a career in acting. Her breakthrough role was in Amy Heckerling's Clueless (film)/Clueless (1995), followed by supporting roles in independent films such as Freeway (1996 film)/Freeway (1996) and Bongwater (film)/Bongwater (1998).

She made her stage debut in a Broadway theatre/Broadway production of Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge in 1997, and then appeared in James Mangold's drama Girl, Interrupted (film)/Girl, Interrupted (1999), as well as the satire Drop Dead Gorgeous (film)/Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999).

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