Bill Corr
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"William V. "Bill" Corr" is the United States Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services/Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in President Barack Obama's administration. He was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on May 6, 2009.

In his previous government service during President Bill Clinton's administration, Corr was Chief of Staff for the Secretary of HHS, Donna Shalala and chief counsel for former Senate Party leaders of the United States Senate/majority leader, Tom Daschle, (D-South Dakota).

Corr's appointment has been criticized by conservative publications because he worked as an anti-tobacco lobbyist as recently as September 2008, having been the executive director of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. In response to the criticism, Corr's spokesman said that in his new job, Corr would recuse himself from tobacco-related issues.

As Deputy Secretary of HHS, Corr is responsible for many of the day-to-day operations of the department, and among other duties, is the co-chair of the Health Care Fraud Prevention & Enforcement Action Team HEAT, a task force which ferrets out Medicare fraud.

Corr is a graduate of University of Virginia and the Vanderbilt University Law School/Vanderbilt School of Law.

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