Andrew To
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"Andrew To" is a member of the Wong Tai Sin District District council of Hong Kong/Council, Hong Kong. He is the chairman of League of Social Democrats since February 2010, succeeding Wong Yuk-man. His wife, Jackie Hung, was a leader of Civil Human Rights Front and Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese.

He was an active Hong Kong students' representative during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and he once went to Beijing to join the hunger strike. In 1991, he was elected district board member. As at 2005, he is the youngest person ever to be elected to this post. He was a member of the Democratic Party (Hong Kong)/Democratic Party (1994–2000) then joined the The Frontier (Hong Kong)/The Frontier (since 2000). He was in the same ticket with Albert Cheng in the Hong Kong legislative election, 2004, Cheng won a seat and To lost.

In 2009, To and Leung Kwok-hung were sentenced to 100 and 120 hours of community service for assaulting police officers.

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