Andrew Heyward
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"Andrew Heyward" is a former President of CBS News, serving from January 1996 until early November 2005. Currently, he is a principal at MarketspaceNext and Heyward Advisory LLC, where he works with clients to create and strengthen original online content, make more effective use of broadband video, deepen engagement through online communities, and develop new business models for the digital era.

He is the son of Dick Heyward. He has three children: David and Emily, both of whom work in New York City, and Sarah, a writer for HBO's "Girls". He is married to Priscilla Painton, executive editor at Simon & Schuster. His first marriage to Jody Gaylin ended in divorce.

Heyward's successor at CBS News was Sean McManus (television executive)/Sean McManus, head of CBS Sports.

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