"Alan Gregg" is a New Zealand musician, originally from Palmerston North, now based in London. Originally a keyboard player, Alan has mainly played Bass Guitar in his professional life. After moving to Auckland, New Zealand, Alan was a member of the Dribbling Darts of Love before joining The Mutton Birds, which he was part of from 1992–1998. In The Mutton Birds he contributed bass, vocals, keyboards and wrote a number of songs. After leaving the Mutton Birds, he acted as a producer and studio and touring musician before recording his first solo album, under the name Marshmallow (band)/Marshmallow in 2002. Other musicians on the album included Bic Runga, Ron Sexsmith, and Andrew Claridge.

In 2007, after hearing them singing through the wall of a rehearsal studio, Alan Gregg joined Cy Winstanley and Ange Boxall in The Desert Downtown, which also includes drummer Steve Brookes.

Alan has appeared as a musician albums by artists such as Dave Dobbyn, and Bic Runga. He produced, 'Brand New', the second album by New Zealand band The Stereo Bus.

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