Adam Schiff
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"Adam Bennett Schiff" is the United States House of Representatives/U.S. Representative for . He has served in Congress since 2001. He is a member of the Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic Party. Schiff represented the 27th and 29th Districts between 2003 and 2013, which included the areas of Alhambra, California/Alhambra, Altadena, California/Altadena, San Gabriel, California/San Gabriel, Burbank, California/Burbank, Glendale, California/Glendale, South Pasadena, California/South Pasadena, Temple City, California/Temple City, Monterey Park, California/Monterey Park, and Pasadena, California/Pasadena. In 2010, his district was re-districted to include new areas including Hollywood, California/Hollywood, Echo Park, Los Angeles/Echo Park, Hollywood Hills, La Canada-Flintridge, California/La Canada-Flintridge, La Crescenta-Montrose, California/La Crescenta Los Feliz, Los Angeles/Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Los Angeles/Silver Lake, Sunland-Tujunga, Los Angeles/Sunland-Tujunga, and West Hollywood, California/West Hollywood, in addition to areas he represented before like Burbank, California/Burbank, Glendale, California/Glendale, and the western part of Pasadena, California/Pasadena.

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