Adam Michnik
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"Adam Michnik" is a Polish historian, essayist, former dissident, Intellectual#Public_intellectual_life/public intellectual, and the editor-in-chief of Poland's largest newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. Brought up in a family of committed communists, Michnik was one of the most relentless opponents of the communist regime. A legendary figure of the Polish anti-communist opposition, he was imprisoned, first, after the 1968 1968 Polish political crisis/March Events, then, after the imposition of the Martial Law in Poland/Martial Law in 1981. Michnik also played a crucial role during the Polish Round Table Talks, as a result of which the communists conceded to call Polish legislative election, 1989/elections, which were subsequently won by Solidarity (Polish trade union)/Solidarity. Even though he has withdrawn from active politics he has "maintained an influential voice through journalism". He is a laureate of many awards and honors, including a Knight of the Legion of Honour and Europeans of the Year/European of the Year.

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