Abraham Clark
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"Abraham Clark" was an Politics of the United States/American politician and American Revolutionary War/Revolutionary War figure. He was delegate for New Jersey to the Continental Congress where he signed the United States Declaration of Independence/Declaration of Independence and later served in the United States House of Representatives in both the Second United States Congress/Second and Third United States Congress, from March 4, 1791, until his death in 1794.

Abraham was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey/Elizabethtown, New Jersey. His father, Thomas Clark, realized that he had a natural grasp for math so he hired a tutor to teach Abraham surveying. While working as a Surveyor (surveying)/surveyor, he taught himself law and went into practice. He became quite popular and became known as "the poor man's councilor" as he offered to defend poor men when they couldn't afford a lawyer.

Clark married Sarah Hatfield in 1748, with whom he had 10 children. While Hatfield raised the children on their farm, Clark was able to enter politics as a clerk of the Provincial Assembly. Later he became High Sheriff of Essex County, New Jersey/Essex County and in 1775 was elected to the Provincial Congress. He was a member of the Committee of Public Safety.

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