"Abdul Wahid" is a male Muslim given name, and in modern usage, surname. It is built from the Arabic words Abd (Arabic)/Abd, al- and Wahid. The name means "servant of the One", Al-W?hid being one of the names of God in the Qur'an, which give rise to the List of Arabic theophoric names/Muslim theophoric names.

The letter a of the al- is unstressed, and can be transliterated by almost any vowel, often by u. Alternative transliterations include Abdul Waahid, Abdul Wahed. Abdel Wahid, Abdelouahad (French transliteration) and others, all being subject to variable spacing and hyphenation.

*Abdul Waahid Bin Zaid (died 793), Iraqi Sufi Saint

*Abdelwahid al-Marrakushi (born 1185), Moroccan historian

*Abdul-Wahid I, Almohad Caliph (died 1224), Caliph of Morocco

*Abdul Wahid Khan (died 1949), Indian classical singer

*Abdul Wahid Durrani (1917 - 2008), Pakistani footballer

*Abdulwahid Bidin (1925 — 1999), Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines

*Abdul Wahid Aziz (1931 – 1982). Iraqi weightlifter

*Abdulwahid AlAbduljabbar (1935 - 1970), Saudi political activist

*Abdul Waheed Kakar (born 1937), chief of Pakistan army

*Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil (born 1943), Egyptian architect

*Abdul Waheed Khan (UNESCO official) (born 1947), Indian IT expert

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