Aaron Burr
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"Aaron Burr, Jr." was the List of Vice Presidents of the United States/third Vice President of the United States (1801–1805); he served during President of the United States/President Thomas Jefferson's first term.

After serving as a Continental Army officer in the American Revolutionary War/Revolutionary War, Burr became a successful lawyer and politician. He was elected twice to the New York State Assembly (1784–1785, 1798–1799), was appointed New York State Attorney General (1789–1791), was chosen as a United States Senator (1791–1797) from the state of New York, and reached the apex of his career as Vice President.

The highlight of Burr's tenure as President of the Senate (one of his few official duties as Vice President) was the Senate's first impeachment trial, of Supreme Court of the United States/Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase. In 1804, the last full year of his single term as Vice President, Burr killed his political rival Alexander Hamilton in a Burr–Hamilton duel/famous duel. Burr was never tried for the illegal duel, and all charges against him were eventually dropped, but Hamilton's death ended Burr's political career.

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